Music and Movies

Who doesn’t love Music and Movies ? Especially music? I am an avid listener of variety of music and my day does not pass without listening to music. Alright, please bear in mind that in this page I am listing my personal favorites and surely the list will continue to grow and you may not like all the ones listed here 🙂


I strongly believe that praise and worship of God is a MUST in our daily lives. If we sincerely love the God, we knowing and unknowingly praise & worship him always. It becomes a part of our breath. It is such a blessing to have the talent of singing, writing, composing and playing songs. These are blessed people. I thank God for each of the team members that made these worship songs possible. It is also such a learning to witness how God uses the unbelievers to contribute to His glory, after all we are His children and He loves us everyone of us 🙂

Individual or Group or Choirs or A capella :

  • English
    • Anthem Lights – A Nashville based American Christian group.
    • Benny Prasad Kandukuri : Amazing Guitarist. Dont forget to watch his testimony.
    • Beckah ShaeA very talented Christian singer/writer. I love the way she uses the most famous secular songs, replaces all the worldly lyrics with Christian lyrics. And one my favorites is “Hosanna” (the famous Havana song :-))
    • Chris Tomlin 
    • Casting Crowns 
    • for KING and COUNTRY – Amazing band and one of my personal favorites.
    • Michael W Smith – who doesn’t know him? 🙂 . Can feel his love for God when he sings. By the way, the first musical concert I went to was Michael’s.
    • MIQEDEM – Amazing messianic jewish music band.
    • MercyMe – American contemporary Christian music.
    • Pentatonix Christmas : A very talented A capella secular band. I am looking forward for more Christian songs from them.
    • Choirs : I always get goosebumps listening choirs. I feel choirs gives us just a glimpse of worship experience in Heaven.
      • Beautiful composition by Christopher Tin — Lord’s Prayer in Swahali.. Baba Yetu
  • Other languages


  • The Case for Christ
  • God’s Not Dead
  • God’s Not Dead 2
  • The Atheist Delusion Movie