English Bible versions

Many of my friends (both believers and non-believers) ask me why there are so many versions of the English Bible and which is the correct version to read. I can easily relate to this because I myself was on the same boat at one point. So for those who have the same questions and concerns about these multiple English versions, I think the question should be what is the difference rather than ‘what is the correct version’. And this leads us to two important questions;
(1) how was the original Scripture translated into so many different languages?
(2) does the translation of Scripture take away the benefit of inspiration by removing readers one step from the original text?
Please see my post on Scripture Translation Explained that answers these questions..

Here is a very well put together diagram by Dr. Walt Russel that shows the translation spectrum of different versions of the English Bible. I found this to be very helpful and I hope it will be for you too. My personal choice is reading both KJV and NIV/ESV versions in parallel to get a better understanding of the scriptures.

Hey, if you can learn Hebrew and Greek that is even better for studying the Bible 😉

Screen Shot 2018-08-07 at 7.19.19 PM
Walt Russel, Playing with Fire: How the Bible Ignites Change in Your Soul; Page 276

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